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Have you ever wondered why someone becomes a Graphic Designer?

Everybody’s journey and story are a little different. But this is mine.

My career started when I was very young, at the ripe old age of 15. I left school taking up a position as a Cadet Cartographer at a medium size Surveying & Mapping Company in Brisbane. While working I studied Cartography at QIT (now known as QUT). I learned valuable skills in designing maps and how the printing process worked for producing large volumes of all types of maps.

Part of my work involved creating sales brochures for land sales and other urban developments around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast. This is when I really got involved in design and layout of printed brochures using a skill and process back then known as “cut and paste”. This was before there were powerful enough computers with software that can deliver results like today’s Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign programs.

1987 I graduated in Cartography and an opportunity came up to move to and work in Mount Isa for Mount Isa Mines Ltd. There I started as a Survey Draftsman and then soon progressed to the role of a “Mine Design Draftsman”. Although this type of design is different to the work I do now, it has similarities such as form, function and execution. Design is to make things usable, functional and safe. These ideals are true then, and still important today.

After returning to Brisbane in 1993, I was more involved in Computer Aided Design and Managing a Computer Network in a medium size office of approx. 35 staff. From this time I studied Information Technology and went on to support corporate desktop environments in the Brisbane City Council and then lead and manage a Desktop support team in another Public Sector Organisation.

Time to take stock of where I am in life and discover what I love, what I’m passionate about. This had to include some difficulties I faced in life. I put together all my experience in Information Technology and my Design talents and made a decision to undertake a Graphic Design course to become a qualified Graphic & Web Designer.

I love my new career, with passion and determination I plan to make my new Design business a successful and rewarding experience.


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