About Darren Utteridge

Once a Cartographer, a Mine Design Drafter, CAD Specialist, IT Support Specialist, Desktop Team Leader and now Graphic Designer. I have always loved working with colour, layout and information to relay visual messages to others. I am a perfectionist at everything I do and anything I attempt to do. Knowing that perfection can sometimes come at a cost of time, therefore I take pride in delivering outcomes at the highest possible standard within an agreed time frame that is reasonable and appropriate for every job that I do.

Ever wondered where a Web Designer gets inspiration?



Do you critique what you see in advertisements?

Since studying Graphic Design, everything I see around me in the built environment is up for critique. Billboards, Way Signs in Buildings, even the Marketing Brochures left in my mailbox. I can’t help but to analyze and critique everything. When I see some street advertising I appreciate as well designed and executed, I take note. I look at well-designed elements and store them in my head and sometimes write myself a note on what […]

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Why Graphic & Web Design? The Story of DU Designs

My Story

Have you ever wondered why someone becomes a Graphic Designer?

Everybody’s journey and story are a little different. But this is mine.

My career started when I was very young, at the ripe old age of 15. I left school taking up a position as a Cadet Cartographer at a medium size Surveying & Mapping Company in Brisbane. While working I studied Cartography at QIT (now known as QUT). I learned valuable skills in designing maps and how the printing process worked […]

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