Do you critique what you see in advertisements?

Since studying Graphic Design, everything I see around me in the built environment is up for critique. Billboards, Way Signs in Buildings, even the Marketing Brochures left in my mailbox. I can’t help but to analyze and critique everything. When I see some street advertising I appreciate as well designed and executed, I take note. I look at well-designed elements and store them in my head and sometimes write myself a note on what it was that worked well with something unique that I haven’t seen before.

How often do you visit your local Art Gallery?

Being a Designer I am a very visual person by nature and colour has a great influence on my moods for creativity. Often I go visit GoMA, the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane’s Cultural precinct, and reflect on the colour, texture and layout of art from talented national and international artists. This helps me open my mind to different interpretations of art and our world as others see it.

Everybody has their version and interpretation of their own experiences differently that I find difficult to comprehend. It’s only through somebodies expression through art or their description of experience that I find fascinating.

How do you find inspiration?

Although I am mainly working on Web projects, I also love print. It’s something to behold the smell of the ink, to feel the texture of the paper and visualise the forms and colour represented by the illustrators. Not to mention the message delivered by the author. Unfortunately, I can be obsessed with magazines, so I try not to indulge myself too much. But I do buy the Desktop Magazine that is published by Niche’. It contains a lot of inspiring stories and gives the reader the textural, colourful and smell experience.

I also gather inspiration from other websites, particularly from Template Libraries from across the globe. The challenge is then visualising how I can represent my clients message through the visual experience of a website that engages people and will have them convert from a lead to a sale dependent of what my client is trying to achieve.

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